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cabcon ac

Cabcon 12V Air Conditioner for Compact Construction Equipment

Owner’s Manual

Read these instructions before use

Cabcon AC Unit

Model: PWL:5000

  • Voltage Input: DC12V
  • Input Current: SSAmps
  • Temp Range: 60-87F
  • Installation Hole Size: lS”xl0.25″
  • Full Dimensions of Unit: 27.S”x22.8″x10.35″
  • Refrigerant Type: R-134a


Improper handling can cause damage to the unit and equipment it is being installed on.

We are not liable for improper use or installation. Please exercise extreme caution when installing this unit.


+ Do not rely on battery power of your machine alone. Unit will drain the main battery without a charging source.

+ Install externally only. Do not place inside of enclosed area.

+ Do not restrict intakes of intake ports or fans.

+ If installing on cabs with ROPS or FOPS protection. Do not cut weight bearing beams or cross members. This will diminish the effectiveness of the safety structure.


Parts Description

  1. A/C Unit
  2. Control Panel
  3. Mounting Frame
  4. Air Guiding Duct
  5. Remote Control
  6. Continuous Duty Solenoid
  7. A/C Mounting Screws (x4)
  8. Guiding Duct Screws (x8)
  9. Control Panel Screws (x4)
AC Parts Diagram


Step 1

Determine the desired location for the A/C Unit on top of your machine. You will need an additional 2 inches of surface area around the perimeter of the hole for the foam block to seat properly. You can place the A/C unit onto the desired location and trace the foam block. Measure the 15″ x 10.25″ for the cutout inside of the traced area. This will ensure you have enough surface area for the foam block. (See below diagram as example)
AC Placement Guide

Step 2

After the hole has been properly prepared, locate Part# 4 (as shown above in the parts list). This is the Air Guiding Duct. Locate the holes for this and align the Air Duct. Use Part# 8 Screws for the Guiding Duct. This is the coarse threaded Screw with the nylon washers.
AC Guding Duct Install


Step 3

Apply a Silicone based weather resistant sealant around the hole where the foam block will sit. Next, place the A/C Unit over the hole. Make sure the foam block and the edges of the hole are aligned well.
AC Unit Direction

Step 4

Install Part# 3 Mounting Frame. Use the long bolt, Part# 7 to mount the frame. After the frame is secured the Air Guiding Duct may protrude beyond the outer surface of the mounting frame and require trimming before the next step. The Duct is scored in 1 inch increments. Each section can be removed by hand by bending along the score lines.
AC Mounting Frame Install

Step 5

Locate Part# 2 Control Panel. Plug the Control Panel into the A/C Unit (Fig 6a). Use Part# 9 machine style Screw to fasten the Control Panel to the Mounting Frame (Fig 6b).
AC PLug In

Step 6

Determine the best route for the Power Wiring. Find or make a route that is free from moving or vibrating parts. Choose a route that will accommodate installation of the Continuous Duty Solenoid. If additional wire is needed be sure to use the same gauge wire and proper size connectors for lengthening.

Step 7

The Continuous Duty Solenoid must be installed to prevent drawing on the battery while your machine is not in operation. The control circuit stud must be wired to a power source that is not powered when your machine is turned off. The control circuit studs are not polarity.
AC Wiring